How to install a screen protector without those air bubbles

Rick Otto

Even though I often read that a screen protector is not a necessity with many smartphones and tablets I still feel more comfortable installing one.  Many of them don't just protect the screen but also they help the screen be less resistant to glare, act as a privacy filter, and also protect against fingerprints.  There are many screen protectors and not all of them offer this feature and also many that claim to offer these features don't do it well.

I strongly dislike installing screen protectors, mainly due to the fact that air bubbles accumulate under them.  Many screen protectors claim that you can remove them and reinstall them and in some cases that may work but frequently it doesn't.  For this reason I have easily gone through 2 or 3 screen protectors before finally getting one installed correctly.

Recently I came across a wonderful tip that helps.  Most of the time the air bubbles are caused by dust or another foreign object that is either on the screen or in the air when installing.  The best way to handle this is by adding moisture to the air.  One of the best ways to do this is to install the screen protector in a bathroom, preferably with the bathroom door closed.  You should have the shower running on hot to create a steamy atmosphere.  If you want to save energy and water it's best to do this just after someone finishes showering.  This is in no way a guarantee of a perfect first attempt install but this will usually make it much easier to successfully install a screen protector.


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