Review of Hyperkin Supaboy SNES Handheld

Rick Otto

We like to keep you updated on the hottest items in Retro Gaming.  Even though this is 'retro' gaming there's still new items and news.  Today we'd like to talk about Hyperkin's SupaBoy SNES handheld system.

The SupaBoy is a handheld gaming machine and is shaped much like an SNES controller and uses SNES game cartridges.  It is said to work with both Japanese and American SNES cartridges.  It has all built-in controls that are needed to play SNES games.  It's nice to be able to play SNES games on a handheld but you can still play them on a standard television using the SupaBoy's AV out ports.  It also comes with two controller ports so you can play using retro SNES controllers.  The screen is a 3.5 inch LCD screen.  It has built-in speakers that product stereo sound.  It is said to be compatible with all SNES games.  Battery life is 2.5 hours.  When the battery is low the SupaBoy displays a blue screen but after charging this will go away.  

This is a great machine to have if you have some SNES games laying around the house.  You can also come across SNES games at thrift stores or used game stores that sell retro games.  

Full MSRP for the SupaBoy is $79.99.  You can purchase the SupaBoy at a lower price here.

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