Hyperkin launches RetroN5 retro gaming console

Rick Otto

Retro gaming has been very popular in recent years.  There's many accessories and new consoles becoming available to play retro video games.  Some of those new consoles have the ability to play games for multiple game machines.  Hyperkin is among the leaders in this hot market and it seems they'll continue to be a leader thanks to a new console they just introduced.

Hyperkin has just launched a new retro gaming console called the RetroN5.  It has many features that make it an impressive console.  First, we'll start with the number of systems it supports.  Even though it's just one console it has the ability to play games from 10 systems.  With the combined amount of games available for each system this means you'll have a very large library of games to choose from.  The systems it supports are Nintendo NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Famicom, Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance.  There's also the ability to play Master System games with the use of the Power Base Converter.  Hyperkin is promising 100% compatibility with retro games.  It'll play both NTSC and PAL cartridges. 

A lot of these retro games display poorly on today's large screen HDTV's.  Hyperkin kept that in mind and has called this the "ultimate HD remake".  This is the first retro gaming machine to include a high definition HDMI output that outputs at a resolution of 720p.  It takes these retro games and enhances the resolution.  Even though it's not true HD it improves the look for modern HDTV's and improves on the display of the original machines.  There's a Graphical User Interface menu that gives you access to features and allows you to customize your gaming.  There's a variety of filter and shader effects to customize your video settings.  Hyperkin also enhanced the audio.  Using Audio Interpolation the console produces a smoother, crisper sound.

There's much more to this machine than the improved HD graphics.  The RetroN5 allows you to save or load games at any point during the game with the ability to use up to 10 save slots for each game.  The machine can also save screenshots of your gaming.  There's a rear SD card slot that can be used to expand the space for saving game states and screenshots. For those who enjoy using cheats there's a wide variety of built-in cheats that can be accessed at any point during many games.

Hyperkin also put a lot of work in providing a modern controller for this machine.  They made a good choice of going wireless with the use of bluetooth technology.  This means you have a range of up to 30 feet.  The controller includes two programmable macro buttons, a microswitch directional pad, and a home button that provides a simple way of having access to features during gameplay.  There's 4 blue LED lights that with a quick glance show the controller's battery life.  The controller can be easily recharged by using the included Micro-USB cable which connects it to the RetroN5.  The console has 2 controller ports each for NES, SNES, and Genesis controllers for a total of 6 ports.  You can either use the original controllers or some of the newer retro gaming controllers on the market. 

I believe this will be the retro gaming console to beat.  If you only want to play games for a limited amount of consoles this machine could be overkill.  Yet if you want to guarantee compatibility with the greatest library of retro games this is likely the retro game machine for you.  Also, those with large televisions or HDTV's will likely either way want to consider this as their retro console.

The RetroN5 is available in two colors, black and gray.  The RetroN5 is available for purchase on AVC Distributor.

You can watch the below video for an introduction to the RetroN5:

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