Xbox app to be part of Windows 10

Rick Otto

Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 will include an Xbox app.  The app will bring many features to Windows 10 that will be useful for Xbox users.

The Xbox app will give gamers the ability to chat via both voice and text with their Xbox Live friends.  There's also the ability to record video of your gaming.  You simply hit Windows + G and it'll record a live clip.  You'll then have the option to edit the video and then share it.  You can also browse video game clips and share the clips in a style similar to Instagram.  Windows 10 users also will be able to game together with Xbox One users from their PC. 

Microsoft also announced the ability to stream Xbox One games to either your PC or table.  Windows 10 also will be coming to the Xbox later this year.

Microsoft also provided details about DirectX 12.  It'll allow for better graphics using existing hardware and will improve battery life on mobile devices. 

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