Retro Gaming Podcasts

Rick Otto

There are several podcasts on the internet for Retro Gaming.  This list is short at this time and I may be missing some.  If I am either leave a comment or contact us via email.  We want this to be a complete list so as we find out about more Retro Gaming podcasts we'll be posting them:

The 2600 Game by Game Podcast

The 2600 Game by Game podcast is a podcast that looks at a different Atari 2600 game each week.  I've heard that the host is interested in covering every Atari 2600 game in this podcast.  It covers the history, gameplay, and also the personal stories of each game. 

No Quarter

This podcast is hosted by Mike Maginnis and Carrington Vanston.  They discuss and review classic arcade games in each episode. 

Sega Addicts Podcast

If Sega is your thing this is your podcast.  Alex Riggen, Jim Sterling, Topher Cantler, Kris Knigge, and Tom Kyzivat discuss all things Sega in each episode.  This covers current news and also covers releases from new titles to retro titles.  It basically covers everything Sega! 

Retroist Podcast

The Retroist podcast is not necessarily a Retro Gaming podcast.  Yet it's a great podcast for anyone who wants to take a look at pop culture from the last 30 years, mostly the 1980's.  It takes a nostalgic look at this time period.  It includes reviews, interviews, and other information.  Many Retro Gaming enthusiasts enjoy this podcast and from time to time it likely will cover items relating to Retro Gaming

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