Retro Gaming making a splash

Rick Otto
Atari Flashback

Today's video games include advanced graphics, surround sound, advanced controllers, and the capability to play online.  Yet with all these features there is a niche group of people who prefer to or spend a large amount of their gaming time playing Retro games.

If you're not already into retro gaming there are many ways to get into it.  If you happen to have an older video game machine or older video games in your attic that's one way to start.  You can also go to thrift stores, flea markets, or yard sales to frequently find older games or game machines.  Because of the popularity of retro gaming there are even 'new' retro game machines and accessories.  Brands such as Hyperkin and Retro-Bit are making many retro gaming machines and accessories.  Many of these are compatible with older games such as Nintendo NES, SNES, N64, and Sega Genesis.  There are also many apps available for iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) and Android that are newer versions of classic arcade games.  You can also get some retro games for both Mac and Windows PC's.  The Xbox 360, Sony PS3, and Nintendo Wii also have downloadable versions of retro games.  For Atari fans there's even the Flashback console that includes built-in games.

There seems to be many reasons for the attractiveness of retro games.  Sometimes it's simply nostalgia. Also, today's games can take a long time to learn how to play or how to figure out all the controls that are needed to use to play.  Retro games are often simpler and easier to learn and figure out how to control.   

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