Microsoft introduces Windows Holographic

Rick Otto

At Microsoft's Windows 10 Press Event they introduced Windows Holographic.  Windows Holographic will bring virtual reality to the Windows 10 platform.  The new technology is an API that adds augmented reality to Windows 10.  This allows developers to add holograms to their apps.  The holograms can then be viewed using Microsoft HoloLens.  HoloLens are goggles that will be marketed by Microsoft.  The goggles will be able to understand a user's voice, gestures, and the spatial area surrounding them.

Users also will have the ability to create their own holograms.  They can then be printed using HoloStudio. 

There will be many new uses for the technology.  For example engineers will be able to use it to work on projects.  It'll also have uses for gaming.  Microsoft even announced that they are working on a holographic version of Minecraft.

See the below video for an introduction to the technology:

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