Kindle Paperwhite gets a small update

Rick Otto

Amazon has just released a small hardware update to their Kindle Paperwhite eBook reader. The updated model is the same as the model released last year except for one small change.  The internal storage has been increased from 2GB to 4GB.  What this means is the Kindle Paperwhite can now hold 2000 books instead of the 1000 books of the previous model. 

Many Kindle Paperwhite users have had no problems with the 2GB of storage.  Once a Kindle ebook is purchased you can always access it from the cloud and download it again at a future date.  Yet some users who read a lot of books prefer to store all of them on their device.  If you plan to purchase a Kindle Paperwhite make sure you get the updated version.  It's possible that there will be some good deals on the previous model if that's what you prefer.


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