Barnes and Noble announces Nook Video

Rick Otto

Barnes and Noble has announced Nook Video, an upcoming store that will offer movies and tv shows.  According to Barnes and Noble the purchased video will be playable on Nook devices, Smart TV's, tablets, and smartphones.  The service will launch this fall in the U.S. and will offer both streaming and download options.  It will use Nook Cloud integration for the ability to view on multiple devices.  This means that a user will be able to begin watching a video on one device and then on the second device start from where they left off on the first device.  It seems Barnes and Noble has a good start with already lining up HBO, Stars, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Walt Disney Studios, Viacom, and Warner Bros.

Already Apple, Google, and Amazon have a strong eco-system of ebooks, music, and video such as tvs and movies. The Nook has mostly focused on ebooks so it is smart for Barnes and Noble to look in this direction.  The best part is it seems it won't be just for Nook devices so we may see apps for iOS and Android and also devices such as the Xbox 360, PS3, and both Smart TV's and Blu-Ray players to play the purchased video.

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