Apple may be bringing split-screen multitasking to iPad in iOS 8

Rick Otto

It's expected that iOS 8 will be formally announced at WWDC in June.  It'll then likely be released later in 2014.  A lot of rumors have been circulating as to what expect in iOS 8.  Many of the rumors are expecting health-related apps and a big focus overall on health with iOS 8.  Most of the time the iPhone and iPad versions are very similar but one major feature may be coming to the iPad in the iOS 8 update.  It's expected that the iPad version will bring split-screen multitasking.

With the smaller screen size of the iPhone a feature such as this would be hard to implement on the iPhone.  Microsoft's Surface tablets already have a similar feature so it would bring that feature to the iPad.  Currently apps on iOS can run in the background.  There's also a task switcher to quickly switch between open apps.  Yet, there is no way to truly multitask like you'd do on Windows or a Mac with multiple windows open side by side.  According to sources this new feature will allow an iPad user to both run and interact with two iPad apps at once.  It's also expected to make it easier for two apps to interact with each other.  At time time it's unknown if it'll only work on the iPad Air or also will work on the iPad Mini.  It's also rumored that Apple is developing a larger iPad and this could well be the focus point on the larger iPad. 

Mobile operating systems such as iOS are very young and not as mature as desktop operating systems.  They are quickly maturing though and features such as side by side multitasking are doing a lot to bring mobile devices up to par with desktop devices.  With changes such as this it's likely that tablets will begin to replace laptops at an accelerated pace.

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