Amazon merging Kindle documents and Cloud Drive

Rick Otto

Amazon just announced this morning that they are merging the Kindle documents and Cloud Drive storage into one.  Kindle users have been able to send Documents to their Kindle.  Separately there has been an Amazon Cloud Drive storage solution that gives 5GB of storage to all users.  With this move the two are being rolled into one.

Kindle users have been able to send personal documents to be viewed on their Kindle devices and those were also stored in the cloud but not on Amazon Cloud Drive.  With the change these documents are now available in Amazon Cloud Drive.  The files are placed in a new folder in Cloud Drive called "My Send-to-Kindle Docs".  It allows you to use Cloud Drive to manage these files whether organizing them, sharing them, or deleting them.  These files can include things such as PDF's, images, word documents, and other similar documents.  The documents that are stored in Amazon Cloud Drive will be stored in their native format.  This means you'll be able to access them anywhere using Cloud Drive, not just on the Kindle device that they are sent to.  Previously these files were converted to Kindle formats. 

This news is especially good for Kindle owners.  If you're a Kindle owner your free storage now totals 10GB.  It seems that non-Kindle owners are still stuck at 5GB of free storage.

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