Amazon introduces Kindle MatchBook

Rick Otto

Many people have made print-edition purchases before they later purchased a Kindle or possibly they even made print-edition purchases after they purchased a Kindle.  One reason is some people even after purchasing a Kindle still feel more comfortable with a book in their hands rather than a Kindle or tablet.  Over time reading a book digitally becomes more comfortable and when that time comes you may wish you had made some of those earlier purchases in Kindle format.  Now Amazon has a solution, Kindle MatchBook.  

According to Amazon there are thousands of qualifying books and they can be past, present, or future print-edition purchases.  For anywhere from $2.99 down to $1.99, $0.99, and even free you can get the Kindle version of those purchases while still retaining the print-edition.  Obviously the book must have been purchased from Amazon and it must be a new purchase direct from Amazon, not a used purchase through one of their third-party sellers.  It can be used for used book purchases going all the way back to 1995 when Amazon first opened their online bookstore.  The service will be launching in October.  

As eBook reading becomes more and more the norm this will allow those people who were lucky enough to purchase their books via Amazon to convert them to Kindle format.  I can see this being useful for those books that you'd like to read a second time, never had a chance to read the first time, or for reference books that you use regularly such as a cookbook.  I can also see the use of this if you're ready to go on a trip and want to read a book that you already purchased but yet don't want to have to take that large book with you.  I can see converting any of my previous purchases that Amazon offers for free through MatchBook but other than the above scenarios I definitely don't see paying to convert other purchases.


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